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October 1, 2019

I was always going to draw someone dressed up as a rat to go to work, but a few days back I heard it reported on the radio that one in four children is now getting extra tuition outside school. Now I could if I wanted to, go on and rant about how that only benefits those who can afford it, but where would that get me, as who as a parent wouldn't want to help their children achieve as much as they can in order to get on in their future lif...

September 25, 2019

No I I I really do believe President Trump, -that’s Donald to me,- (Boris gives a slow wink to the crowd) when he says he really can do a deal with us.... Sorry, I mean Britain, of course I do. You all know that. (he opens his arms wide) And who wouldn’t trust him hey?…. ( The audience roars with laughter whilst Boris patiently bides his time and waits for them to eventually settle down) Oh you liked that one did you, Well how about this...

June 9, 2019

 To see the complete image please go to the 'book illustrations' section of my web site

February 9, 2019

Where the first of a number of images I am going to design to highlight specific sections of the surreal book called 'The Glass Partition' has now been added.